Repair your Tech

We are here to help with all your IT needs . We can be reached: Office (813) 563-1000 Mobile(813) 618-7798 or email us at:

Empowering YOU With Technology!

Repair Your Tech is in the buisness to repair and maintain your computer needs but our passion is to empower you with IT knowledge!
A great plan starts with an ounce of prevention! We can offer great services like Nod32 antivirus, RYT Cloud Backup. Do you factor in loss of sales in your cost of having a machine down? We can get that pc back up and running and minimize the downtime.
Some of the services we offer but not limited to: Onsite, Offsiste, & Remote Services, Hardware Installation, Data Recovery, RYT Cloud Backup, Network setup, Maintenance/Managed Services.
Reach out to us and we can evaluate your system remotely or onsite for free. Find out how we can assist with getting you up to date in the technology world. You can have your own tech support staff at minimal cost.

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